This water meter class is used to measure total flow of cold water in industrial facilities, mines and similar large consumers. Combination water meter consists of standard WP-C industrial water meter with Woltman turbine, VVS Plus multi jet residential water meter and changeover valve.

–    New design and easy maintenance.
–    Large measuring range.
–    High sensitivity of the meter.
–    Replaceable Woltman mechanism has dry hermetically sealed mechanism with magnetic 
–    Water meters with high and low flow rate are prepared for remote reading.

WPK-C water meters consist of main Woltman water meter type WP-C and multi jet water meter type VVS Plus. Both have Type Examination Certificate and are manufactured by INSA.
The water meters use automatic spring-loaded changeover valve. Depending on the flow rate, the changeover valve directs the flow through the small water meter only or through both water meters The flow through the main water meter starts with increasing the flow rate above Qx2 and stops with decreasing the flow rate below Qx1.