AdoPulse wired adapter for remote readings

ADO Pulse device is designed for reading residential, industrial and combination water meters. ADO Pulse device has an inductive sensor that counts the rotations of the "liter" pointer and converts the rotations into pulses on the output. ADO Pulse device acts as a reed contact except it does not use a magnet for rotation transmission. Its advantage over the reed contact is that it is impossible to disrupt the inductive sensor by a magnet and therefore the possibility of tampering is eliminated.
When combined with the ADO868 Pulse device it is possible to connect up to maximum 4 residential water meters. The device is also used with combination water meters to connect both meters (industrial and residential water meter). Independently of INSA ADO System, the device can connect to any other device which accepts the pulses.
ADO Pulse is powered by a 2200 mAh LiSOCl2 battery designed for use in telemetry. The battery ensures 15 years of secure device operation. High quality casing and silicone filling provide the IP68 level of protection for electronic components within the module so that the device can operate in all weather conditions and is fully protected against the influence of temperature, moisture and when immersed in water. Top quality silicone insulated cable is resistant to moisture and temperature influences.
Its most common application with residential water meters is in situations when the measuring point is occasionally or constantly under water. In such case, by connecting to ADO868 Plus device we obtain unobstructed reading regardless of the measuring point being under water.
The devices are manufactured with a standard cable length of 1.5 meters but can be manufactured with any cable length depending on customer's requests or needs. Cable lengths of more than 10 m are not recommended.